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We have two colour options for your baby. Mixed is the multi colour and Cognac is the single colour  which is very popular. Health Conscious  Parents love Amber for their babies. The eye catching packaging makes this a stand out in store. Also availabe as a bracelet/anklet.

Why are amber bead necklaces so popular?
In medieval times it was common for adults to place amulets on babies for safe keeping. Doing this was thought to help ward off evil spirits and keep the child safe from harm. Amber featured strongly in amulets and jewellery for children.

Adorning a child with jewellery was traditionally a way of demonstrating a family’s wealth and social status but in our times, Amber Baby Jewellery stands more as a sign of health and care. Seeing a baby wearing amber could almost be said to be a way parents indicate to others that health and care of our environment is part of their parenting style.

Amber Necklace for Babies
Whatever you think, despite the lack of scientific proof, Amber bead necklaces and bracelets for babies and adults are definitely here to stay, they definitely make a environmental and health statement when you see baby wearing amber and I often think for a parent, it seems to assist with emotional bonding between parents and their child.

Amber is the colour of the sun – celestial body richly associated with folklore pertaining to warmth, healing and general wellbeing. Most of the amber used in the “better quality” or “first grade” necklaces comes from the Baltic Sea region. They have been very popular in Europe for decades but only gained notoriety in Australia this decade.


Nature’s Child is an award winning pioneer in the Australian Organic Industry creating products that parents can trust and babies love. Setting the standard for 18 yrs. in waste free, organic baby products.(est. 2000) We were Australia’s first certified organic baby brand and we now set the standard for waste free, plastic free, recyclable baby products.  We fill a gap in any store offering  truly waste free baby products. 


An amber baby necklace is simply meant to be worn around baby’s neck while baby is awake. A baby should not chew an amber necklace.   

Definitive scientific studies regarding the health benefits of wearing amber do not exist. You cannot make any claims or recommendations as determined by the ACCC as to the benefit of Amber Necklaces. You must let parents decide for themselves.               
We have two colour options for you to choose from. Mixed is the multi colour and Cognac is the single colour, dark honey look which is very popular.


Genuine Baltic Amber.

what exactly is an Amber Baby Necklace?
Amber is fossilised tree resin, or sap. When the bark of a tree has been damaged – a tree cut down or there has been an interruption in the integrity of hard outer bark – sap leaches out. If this is left undisturbed, then over time the resin solidifies to a rock like hardness. Amber bead necklaces are made from polished chips of this resin.

Holes are bored into each chip and then they are threaded onto cord which comes in various lengths so they can be looped over the baby’s head. It is possible to get amber bead anklets and bracelets as well and parents can also buy matching amber bead jewellery, including earrings.

The necklaces come in a range of colours from white-yellow, beige or brown. Manufacturers claim that the darker the amber, the more therapeutic its properties. Likewise, where in the world the amber is sourced is said to be an indication of its quality.


This Amber Necklace for Babies is 100% Genuine Baltic Amber – We know because we have a direct line with the creators of these beautiful items in Europe’s Baltic Region. Many parents claim that their child is calmer, cries less and seems to experience less teething discomfort when they have been wearing an amber bead necklace. These claims are energetic rather than scientific and we suggest you read the history of amber below if you wish to know more about this.



Nature's Child

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